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We Are Security Layer

PREBYTES is a professional response to real threats which provides security to the Internet users. Since 2009 we have taken up a challenge posed by cybercriminals. We continue to fight effectively for the greater telecommunication safety of our clients. We have created a unique technology that detects, removes and prevents the activity of cybercriminals. We do not only anticipate forthcoming but also diagnose present threats in the area of finance and corporate security.

Threat detection and mitigation

Direct access to intelligence feeds for Incident Response Team members.

Incident Response

Dedicated 24/7 security experts respond to any unexpected incident.

Digital eCrime Investigation

Our team immediately informs about the identified malware or phishing vectors which are perceived as potential threat.

Security and eCrime Intelligence

PREBYTES has many years of experience in delivering Security and eCrime Intelligence information to corporate Incident Reponse Teams, CERTs and vendors.

  • Web threats

  • 1M

  • Websites scanned
  • SPAM

  • 100k

  • Messages analyzed
  • Sandbox

  • 600k

  • Samples investigated by dedicated tools

  • 1000+

  • Incidents registered and processed

Managed Security Services

eCrime Protection

PREBYTES SIRT monitors the Internet for any attempts of swindle and any other threats which might be harmful to our clients.

Procedures and security policy

Practical and well-written security policy is the key to an effective protection of information.

Malware Protection Audit

Prepared by the team of experts who in their daily work monitor and record the ever-changing IT security threat landscape.

Security Awareness Training

Your security is as strong as the weakest link. The employees who take risky decisions affect both, the security status of the entire organization.

Vulnerability identification

Regular vulnerability assessment helps you protect critical business data.

Incident handling

PREBYTES’ comprehensive incident handling and reporting give IR teams valuable context to initiate a decisive response.
  • Protect your brand and customersPhishingAlerts
  • Detect, identify and eliminate threats in your networkpMONITOR - IP
  • Leverage security intelligenceSIRT NEWS
  • Detect infrastructure outages and website infectionpMONITOR - AV+WWW
  • Take-down is initiated immediately as the attack location in the network is definedEmergency Response

Our Services

We provide full support from safety assessment to attack analysis. We are characterized by reliability and integrity.

Threat monitoring

Information about current threats and vulnerabilities that may affect business continuity.

Risk assesment

Knowledge and understanding of the potential risks relating to critical resources.

Verification procedures and policies

Well developed policy leads to effective safety rules and proper behavior in an emergency situation.

Pentesting and code audits

Application security testing and network. Regular inspection of critical applications to help organizations reduce a potential risk.

pTEST - Malware Protection Audit

Anti-APT Test allowing to identify the weak links in the chain of security.


Services and solutions needed to mitigate cyber threats and vulnerabilities in an effective and efficient way.

Our mission


The cybercriminal world cruelly deprives the Internet users from confidential information. Computer users are being plundered without any notice of their virtual identities. Various data is stolen by malicious software or phishing with the use of social engineering techniques. We monitor possible threats on the Internet and we provide our clients with our acquired knowledge in the form of complementary services.


Criminals permanently improve techniques to takeover more devices and steal confidential information. The Internet allows carrying out attacks on a global scale. The network also provides criminals with the ability to instant communication from any place in the world. We consistently reinforce factual knowledge of our team while enhancing used technology for better protection.


An infected device (laptop, server, smartphone) is a huge threat to its user. It is also a threat to all online systems used by all users of this device. The successful attack of hackers can be associated with not only confidential data loss but also loss of funds. Each incident defined as a potential source of danger is analyzed and archived. This allows the PREBYTES SIRT to predict subsequent dangerous space on the Internet and prepare an emergency back-up plan.


24 / 7 Incident readiness and responsiveness

Incidents are handled within 60 minutes after they have been reported. Preliminary analysis is forwarded as an Emergency Response report.
PREBYTES SIRT security experts have a global view of cyber threats and common infection vectors.
Our expertise can help you to anticipate possible actions of hackers attacking your business.

Contact Us

Our office hours are from Monday - Friday 8am to 3pm UTC.

Since 2009 PREBYTES has been providing incident response services and data feeds for various clients. Dedicated Security Incident Response Team is ready to take actions and handle reported incidents in the event of a security breach. Each interference in telecommunication security may be interrupted by professional PREBYTES SIRT intervention. Each detected or reported incident submitted to PREBYTES will meet our immediate reaction. We realize the fact that any attack is crucial for the infrastructure protection and confidential data security.
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